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IFS is an independent private laboratory specialized in Bloodstainpattern analysis, Touch-DNA analysis and Forensic Pathology. We have outstanding experience from crime scene investigation to biological trace recovery. Our ultimate goal is truth finding


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Update: 12 May 2016

 The Relevance of cytochrome P450 polymorphism in forensic medicine and akathisia-related violence and suicide 

Update: 16 March 2016

Hetq's prison correspondent interviews IFS medical expert Selma Eikelenboom

 Update: 14 februari 2016

Richard en Selma Eikelenboom zijn woensdag 17 februari weer te gast bij RTL Late Night voor een nieuwe masterclass CSI.

Update: 12 November 2015 


Selma Eikelenboom expert in Castle Rock "suicide" case. Watch the documentary Justice for Holly on Fox31 Denver website. 

Richard and Selma Eikelenboom zijn op 9 november te gast in RTL Late Night voor een masterclass CSI. Het wederom uitdragen van de IFS boodschap zorgt dit maal voor opmerkelijke stiltes.....  

Update: 09 september 2015 

Ann Bender released after 2nd time clearance of murdering her husband US media

Ann Bender vrijgesproken door expertise IFS Dutch media

American charged in husband's Costa Rica death: Experts question case

Did John Bender kill himself? Did he die by accident? Or did his wife murder him in cold blood?

To help answer that question, "48 Hours" hired our Richard and Selma Eikelenboom known around the world for crime scene analysis. In June, CBS furnished us with court documents and police photos for review at our Colorado lab. CBS brought Selma and Richard to Costa Rica to conduct tests and reconstruct the shooting in the room where John Bender died. 

Click here to read the whole CBS Article and watch a short movie about the Benders story.

You can watch the full episode from September 27th 2014 here

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IFS partners with AI2-3D, a company that specializes in digital 3D reconstructions with an emphasis on forensic mapping. 


About IFS

About IFS

IFS was the first independent private company in the Netherlands that performed biological forensic investigations. Founded in 2003, we have expertise in the fields of trace recovery; blood stain pattern analysis; DNA extraction, sequencing, and profiling; forensic medicine; injury interpretation; time of death determination; and crime scene reconstruction. Our state of the art laboratory uses the latest techniques in DNA investigation.

In addition to the Netherlands, we investigate cases from all over the world (e.g. the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, South America, Australia and the United States). In 2011, we started building a second laboratory in the United States.

Our activities span from case review, either closed or ongoing, to performing complete investigations. All personnel have extensive experience in crime scene investigation and data collection/interpretation. Our work experience includes more than two decades as forensic scientists.

Well-known cases in which IFS personnel performed investigations and appeared as expert witnesses in court include the cases involving Tim Masters, the Walsham Three, Casey Anthony and David Camm.

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